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P*erago (perago)

Unique P*erago Rotating Blaster (perago)

The unique P*ERAGO blaster uses hard metal studs to hit the surface very much like the grains of a sandblaster, and produces much the same result.  According to tests performed by the Royal Technical University of Stockholm, Sweden, a metal surface after using P*ERAGO is fully comparable with a conventionally blasted surface

P*erago does not use tons of sandblasting material, with all its attendant purchase and clean-up costs, dust, HSE risks and environmental damage.  A P*erago single disc costs less than one bag of grit

P*erago Blaster Duo

P*erago works by the interaction between the centrifugal force on the studs and the resilience of the rubber, which produces oscillations as well as a radial back-and-forth motion in the hard metal studs.  Perago is not a grinder or a brush.  The Perago disc cannot clog even when removing sticky materials like glue, bitumen tar and car underbody coating


P*erago Blaster Triple



A blasting method like P*erago opens the rust-pores.  Grinding and brushing do not, merely covering them by fresh metal and dust.  Grinding or brushing will heat up the surface, resulting in quick oxidization.  By contrast, P*ERAGO induces little heat at the surface, and will not accelerate the oxidization process

When working on metal the life span of the studs is very long. Under such circumstances the life span of the disc will be decided by the rubber section.  It will typically be four to five years if stored in a dark cool place.  (The situation is different when working on concrete see below)

P*erago quickly removes gel-coat from glass-fibre surfaces.  (A version removes paint from wood and smoothes plastered surfaces - see Perago Scraper below)

The P*ERAGO system is also available in a special version engineered for concrete surfaces. P*ERAGO Concrete can be used to remove old paint from floors, topcoat from stone, and tar from house foundations etc.  This has a more limited life span of 38-40m2 but is still an unbeatably cost-efficient method of cleaning concrete surfaces  

The P*ERAGO metal and concrete blasters come in three different sizes for hand held power drills, Single, Double and Triple.  

NOTE:  P*ERAGO disks cannot be adapted for use in angle grinders as the very high rotational speeds of this type of machine will cause severe vibration problems and the premature break up of the disk 

P*erago Scraper
(for wood)

A unique new tool for easy removal of old paint and varnish from wood, the Perago Scraper is durable, affordable, fast, non-clogging, effective it is the solution to all demands for paint removal from wood

P*ERAGO Scraper is a rotating head powered by your electric or pneumatic drill.  It replaces your hand-powered scraper, effortlessly revealing a clean surface and saving many hours of tedious labour

It is not a sander or grinder but is a self-cleansing, rapid-acting tool that will never clog, and can last for years.  It is much faster and more thorough than a sander

The P*ERAGO Scraper consists of toothed scraping irons vulcanised into a disc of natural rubber.  Revolving at 2000 rpm, this equals a linear movement of over 800 metres per minute a rate impossible to achieve by hand.  No wonder P*erago works fast.  P*erago is its own fan, cooling the work surface and removing dust.  It is ideal for smoothing new filler

The P*ERAGO Scraper, which is easily fitted onto any common power drill, is available in three different models, Soft, Medium, and Hard.  Soft is for fine furniture and interior woodwork.  Medium can be recommended for boat topsides/exteriors, window trims etc., whilst Hard is the best choice for boat underwater areas, house facades, fences, garden furniture and other outdoor wooden items

Compared to other methods of removing paint and varnish, P*erago is extremely cost effective.  Provided safety goggles, gloves and a facemask are worn, it is safe for the user.  No waste is produced other than the discarded paint.  (Proper precautions must be used when removing toxic surface coatings such as lead paint or anti-fouling paint)

Here is the ultimate maintenance tool affordable, effective, easy to use

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